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1-Family based

We assist you in bringing your family members to the US through:

Petition for Spouses.

Petition for Parents.

Petition for Children.

Petition for Siblings

For family members who are here, we assist in the process from the initial preparations to obtaining work authorizations, travel permits, and interview preparation. We also provide guidance on “things to do” after receiving the resident card (“GREEN CARD”).

For family members who are in the home countries, we assist in the initial process of getting approval in the US, to preparation for consular interview in the US consulates/embassies abroad.


2-Employment based

We provide complete employment sponsorship assistance for both non-immigrant (H1B, J1, etc) and immigrant (EB1-3, PERM, etc).

We help employers in bringing foreign workers to the US or sponsoring foreign prospective employees who are already in the US. For H1B, we assist employers with the lottery, if required, and the subsequent application process, to assisting the foreign worker commence work or travel to the US.

For permanent residency applications, we can help from the initial stages with the Department of Labor, to the applications with the USCIS. We can also help the beneficiaries with adjusting their status to residents, for those who are already in the US, or with the consular application, for those who are in the home countries.

We have considerable experience with Schedule A occupations, that is, Nurses and Physical Therapists. We can assist employers in setting up an effective program for the hiring and sponsorship of Schedule A workers, from the evaluation to the adjustment of status or consular processing of the candidates.

We provide many of the administrative activities that employers need to do, as part of our packages, making it an easier, cost-effective, and more efficient hiring process.



We provide consultation and assistance services for:

• Extensions of tourist visas.

• Conversion of non-immigrant visas from one category to another.

• Work authorization applications.

• Travel permits, Advance Parole, Re-entry applications.

• Naturalization.

• Renewals of work/travel cards, residency cards.

• Reports of Birth of US citizens born abroad to the US embassies and consulates .

• Replies to USCIS notices.


We provide consultation and assistance for initial divorce proceedings in New York State. We can assist in preparation of answers to divorce complaints, review pre-nup agreements, review or draft settlement agreements for property, child custody, and child support.


We provide consultation and assistance for registration of new businesses, contract drafting and reviews, legal communications, and other concerns.

We can also assist in simple trademarks and copyright registrations. With our partners, we can provide new business assessment or prepare business plans.


The attorney is admitted to the Philippine Bar and have considerable experience and expertise in Philippine practice. We can provide you with consultation and assistance for your legal concerns in the Philippines which include, among others:

• Preparation, review, or analysis of legal documents such as Deeds of Sale, Powers of Attorney

• Guidance in settlements of estates and other related concerns such as Last Wills and Testaments, Extrajudicial Settlement of Estates

• Apostilles for legal documents executed in the US and for use in the Philippines

• Applications for Dual Citizenship, Reports of Birth, Reports of Marriage with the Philippine Consulate General

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Generally, yes, as long as your are eligible to marry (you are single), then you can get married here. Whether you can get sponsored to become a resident, or get a green card depends on: (a) Whether you entered legally (b) the citizenship or status of your spouse (c) whether you have any disqualifications  

Yes, as long  you have resided in New York State for the last 2 years.

Yes, you can, generally. You just need to do it before your tourist period expires.

Yes, as long you are a US citizen or a legal resident (GREEN CARD  holder), then you can petition your spouse to join you. The initial process in the US should take less than a year. Then the processing in the home country of your spouse would really depend on which country it is.

For your parents, it would conservatively be a couple of years from start to arrival in the US. For your brothers and sisters, this would depend on the country where they are from. We would need to check on the length of time depending on the country of origin.

First, you need to be a US citizen to sponsor a fiancé/fiancée. The petition is filed here in the US and once approved, this will be transferred to the US Embassy/consulate where your fiancé/fiancée lives, and they will be processed there. They will need to go to an interview. Once approved, they can enter the US on a fiancé/fiancée visa and then you would need to get married within 90 days of arrival.

The employment-based sponsorship for a GREEN CARD is generally a long process. You would need to be in legal status while you are waiting for approval. You can be sponsored but you need to plan on how to maintain legal status during the process. You can also leave and wait it out outside the US.